Holiday Lights Map

Avon Christmas Holiday Light Show Map

The Holiday Lights Map is online and ready for you to start using it!  Using our new and improved Avon Action Center, powered by SeeClickFix, we now have a way for you to submit your home to the public, so they can come, view, and enjoy! 

NEW FOR 2022!!  

The Town of Avon is sponsoring a contest for the "Most Loved Holiday Light Show in Town"!

Whichever submission has the most votes (done so by clicking the little blue heart in the system) by January 1, 2023, will win a $200 gift card to the business of their choice within the Town of Avon!  Enjoy, and have an amazing Christmas and Holiday season!

*Winner must reside within the Town of Avon boundaries
*$200 gift card must be for a business within the Town of Avon limits
*Anyone can vote, regardless of where they live

To Use "View Map"

  1. You can view houses on the web version, but you will need to 'Launch the Portal' or download the app, as well as sign up for an account, to vote for your favorite house.
  2. Click the blue "tee" on the upper right-hand corner; this opens the filter.
  3. Type "Holiday" into the field, and press enter.
  4. Close the filter tool by clicking "X". 
  5. Click Map or List. Zoom in or out.  Only those that have submitted their home to the holiday list will be shown.
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