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Avon Town Council
The five members of the Town Council serve as the legislative and executive body for the Town of Avon.  A council president is elected from among their peers and has the power to sign contracts, ordinances and decrees approved by the council. 
The Council appoints a Town Manager to professionally manage the day to day operations of the Town and implement Council policy.  The Council President appoints the Police Chief and Assistant Police Chiefs.
Council members are elected to serve four year terms. Two members are elected at-large (by the entire town) and three members reside in specific districts (District 1, District 2 and District 3) but are elected by the entire town.
2021 Town Council
Top Row: Aaron Tevebaugh, Steve Eisenbarth
Bottom Row: Greg Zusan, Dawn Lowden (Council President), Robert Pope (Council Vice President)

2021 Council Members
Dawn Lowden 2020
Dawn Lowden - Ward #2
Council President

  Robert Pope 2020     
     Robert Pope - At Large
Council Vice President

Greg Zusan 2020
Council Member

 Aaron Tevebaugh 2020
Council Member

Steve Eisenbarth 2020
Steve Eisenbarth - At Large
Council Member

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