Stormwater Utility Board

Avon's Stormwater Utility Board

The Stormwater Utility Board consists of three Directors appointed by the Avon Town Council President. The Board provides oversight of storm water management and administration, including:

  • Determining priorities of projects and approving projects
  • Approving contracts for Department
  • Determining the need for bonds to finance projects and recommending issuance of bonds by the Town Council
  • Approving annual budgets and submitting them to the Town Council
  • Adopting policies for the administration of the Stormwater Department
  • Recommending changes to Town Code
  • Studying and recommending rates to the Town Council
  • Hearing appeals of decisions made by administrators
  • Authorizing enforcement actions and resolution

The current members of the Stormwater Utility Board are:

  • Kurt Fuller, President
  • Katie Madaj, Vice President
  • Ryan Cannon, Secretary
  • Gary Cook, Member

Please see the 'Meetings' tab below for a list of upcoming meetings.

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