Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement
Code Enforcement is a division of the Planning and Building Department. The Code Enforcement Department is responsible for Town Code and Zoning Ordinance standards. Code Enforcement questions should be emailed to Building Code questions or violations should be directed to the Building Department.
Code Enforcement is one of the top priorities for the Town. Code violations can have a negative impact on surrounding property values, public safety and an overall appearance of the Town. Through voluntary compliance, cooperation, a spirit of personal responsibility and community pride, conditions that create code violations can be eliminated. These acts will make the Town of Avon a better place to live.


Code Enforcement Process:
  1. Once a complaint is noted or received, a member of Town Staff will investigate the complaint within 2 business days.
  2. If a violation is present, a Staff member will contact the listed property owner or occupant with a courtesy letter or a "Notice to Correct" letter. These letters will be sent through the mail. A sample letter may be found above. If the Town has additional contact information such as a phone number or email, a Staff member may contact the responsible party through one of these methods.
  3. The Town will inform the responsible party of a timeline to correct the violation (usually 10 days) without any further penalty.
  4. While most property owners comply after the first notification, those who do not receive additional notices or citations including fines and legal action. The Town encourages any responsible party with questions to contact the Code Enforcement Department. The Town's goal is compliance and the Town will work with all members of the community to resolve any violation.
  5. Ongoing, recurring or safety violations may result in immediate action through stop work orders, ticketing or other means.
  6. You may report a violation anonymously however, if you would like a Staff member to contact you regarding resolution or action of a violation, you must leave an email address or phone number.


Office hours for the Code Enforcement Department are from 8 am through 12 pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
All complaints and violations are handled in a professional and confidential manner. To report a suspected violation please contact William Holden, Code Enforcement Officer, at 317.272.0948 or via email at You can also use the Town's Action Center to report a violation. All complaints will be investigated within 2 business days.

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