SR 267 & US Hwy 36 Gateway Plan

State Road 267 (Avon Avenue) & US Hwy36 Gateway Plan
The Town of Avon adopted the SR 267 & US Hwy 36 Gateway Plan in June 2008.  The Gateway Plan is an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan that addresses redevelopment of the district, which is bounded by CR 625 E, Lingerman Drain, CSX, and the eastern boundary of Park Place.

Gateway Plan Project Boundary

Project Boundary for SR 267 & US 36 Gateway Plan
The plan calls for mixed use redevelopment in this area.  Mixed use can mean multi-story buildings with a mix of retail, office, restaurant, service, residential, and other complimentary uses.  This will allow flexibility in the redevelopment of this area. 

Existing Land Use Gateway Plan

Existing Land Use

Proposed Land Use

Proposed Land Use

The Town of Avon has applied for EPA Smart Growth Implementation Assistance to implement the Gateway Plan. 


Beginning in July 2008, the Gateway Coordinating Committee will begin meeting to prepare for the implementation of the plan. 


For questions on the SR 267 & US Hwy 36 Gateway Plan, please the Planning Department at (317) 272-0948.


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