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Go! Avon  $100 Million Road and Trail Improvement Program
Updated October 10, 2014

$100 Million

Capital Investment in Avon to Date for Roads and Trails: Over $50 million


              Roundabout:                       Dan Jones/100 South

            Roundabout:                       Dan Jones/200 South

            Roundabout:                       Dan Jones/100 North

            Roundabout:                       Dan Jones/200 North

            Roundabout:                       200 North/900 East

            Roundabout:                       625 East/150 South

            Intersection:                        Raceway/US 36

            Intersection:                        Dan Jones/US 36

            Intersection:                        Reagan/200 North

            Extension:                            Reagan from 100 South to 200 South

            Intersection:                        Reagan/100 South

            Repaving:                             Dan Jones from 200 North to Plainfield Church

            Repaving:                             100 North from Park Square Manor to Ians Pointe

            Sidewalk:                              Dan Jones from Pine Tree Estates to Westwind

            Sidewalk:                              Dan Jones from 100 South Roundabout to Westover Woods                                  Sidewalk:                              Dan Jones from Beechwood Farms to Cobblestone Springs                        Sidewalk:                              100 South from Hickory Elementary to Stone Mill

            Sidewalk:                              100 South from Pines to Pine Tree Elementary

            Sidewalk:                              100 South from Stone Mill to Pines West

            Sidewalk:                              100 South from Lexington Woods to Hollowbrook

            Sidewalk:                              100 South from Hollowbrook to Clark’s Creek

            Sidewalk:                              100 North from Ians Pointe to Oaks of Avon

            Sidewalk:                              100 North from Richfield Ln to Park Square Manor

            Sidewalk:                              100 North from Forest Commons to Syc. Creek Elementary

            Sidewalk:                              200 South from Glenfield to the Settlement                                      

            Trail:                                       100 North from Kingsway Church to Harvest Ridge                                         Trail:                                       Town Hall Park to Avon Library

            Trail:                                       Town Hall Park to Stratford of Avon

            Trail:                                       Town Hall Park to 671 East

            Trail:                                       Along White Lick Creek from Iron Whipple Truss                                                                                             Bridge to Pavilion Center


            Intersection:                        Avon Avenue/100 North (INDOT)

            Intersection:                        Avon Avenue/100 South (INDOT)

            Bridge:                                   Reagan (COUNTY)


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Planned Capital Investment in Roads and Trails: $50 million


            Bridge:                                   Avon Avenue

            Intersection:                        Avon Avenue/25 South

            Right Turn Lane:                 Avon Avenue at US 36

            Reconstruction:                  Avon Avenue

            Intersection:                        Avon Avenue/150 South

            Reconstruction:                  200 North from Dan Jones to Reagan

            Resurfacing:                         100 North from 900 E to Reagan

            Resurfacing:                         100 South from Avon Avenue to Dan Jones

            Roundabout Upgrade:      100 South/Dan Jones

            Extension:                            Kingston Street from Avon Commerce Park to Mohr Toyota                       Turn Radius:                        Production Drive at US 36

            Widening:                             Reagan from US 36 to 300 North

            Widening:                             100 South from Lexington Woods to Reagan

            Roundabout:                       1050 East/100 North

            Pedestrian Bridge:                         100 South, east of 100 South Roundabout

            Trail:                                       From Township Park to Town Hall Park

            Trail:                                       Along White Lick Creek from Pavilion Center to 100 South                  Trail:                                       Along White Lick Creek from US 36 to 100 North

            Trail:                                       100 South from Pines West to Pines of Avon

            Trail:                                       East of Oaks of Avon, from Stoney Meadow to 100 North                              Sidewalk:                              Avon Avenue from Oak Bend to Shopping Center

            Sidewalk:   Dan Jones from Beechwood Farms to Countryside Meadow             
Sidewalk:                              Dan Jones from Austin Lakes to 100 North Roundabout




For additional information on how to drive a roundabout please view the following information put out by the Washington State Department of Transportation:

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